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Mont-Real Ltd, with main office in Budva, is an estate agency that is present in the market of entire Montenegrin coast with legal reliability and discretion. Our agency renders following services: Organisation of visiting and assessment of estate property, Consultancy, Verification of genuiness and regularity of documents, Conclusion and attestation of contracts/agreements in court, Tax payment as well as Services of submission of a claim for registration and obtainment of the List Nepokretnosti (the Property Title) i.e. a document where the Estate Direction of the Republic of Montenegro confirms the Buyer’s ownership over the purchased estate.

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Montenegro is a small, but very mountainous country on the Adriatic coast, between Croatia and Albania and opposite Puglia, the heel of Italy. Montenegro is very accessible being less than 3 hours flight from most of Europe and Russia. There are two main airports; Tivat and Podgorica, but many travellers also use Dubrovnik airport in Croatia, which is just 14km from the Montenegro border.


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